LEGO Hogwarts Mystery
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Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Like LEGO Harry Potter
Series LEGO Harry Potter

LEGO Hogwarts Mystery is the LEGO version of the app Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, following the Hogwarts years of a custom character.

Levels Edit

Unlike Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, this game includes full-on gameplay, but all dialogue is removed. Due to the co-op feature, every level contains at least two playable characters.

Levels are based on the chapters of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, with the exception of chapters containing next to nothing. Sometimes content is moved from one chapter to another and some tasks are skipped or combined. In some cases, new tasks are added.

Year 1 Edit

Your Journey Begins Edit

At the beginning of the game, the player starts by customizing their LEGO character. After they are done, they end up in Diagon Alley, where they are joined by Rowan Khanna (whose gender depends on the player's chosen gender). The two get to explore locations in Diagon Alley. At Ollivander's, the two characters unlock the ability to have wands, although no spells are available yet.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna
  • Main locations: Diagon Alley
  • Objective: Gather all school supplies

Welcome to Hogwarts Edit

A cutscene of the Hogwarts Express and first-years arriving to the Sorting Ceremony is shown. The player character is about to get sorted and can end up in any of the four houses depending on the player's choice. No matter what house the player chooses, Rowan will always end up in the same house.

After the Sorting Ceremony is over, Jacob's sibling and Rowan Khanna follow their prefect to their common room. In the common room, they encounter a third-year boy, who destroys the stairs to the dormitory. Jacob's sibling, Rowan and the Prefect have to rebuild the stairs while avoiding the third-year boy's spells.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna, Angelica Cole (Gryffindor players), Jane Court (Hufflepuff players), Chester Davies (Ravenclaw players), Felix Rosier (Slytherin players)
  • Main locations: Great Hall, West Towers (Gryffindor and Ravenclaw players), Dungeons (Hufflepuff and Slytherin players), House Common Room
  • Objectives: Get to the Common Room, rebuild the stairs to the dormitories

Dealing With Trouble Edit

Jacob's sibling and Rowan go to Charms and Potions classes, taught by Filius Flitwick and Severus Snape, respectively. Before Potions, the player is introduced to Merula Snyde, who sabotages Jacob's sibling's potion.

After Potions, now in the common room, the Prefect shows the player a letter from Severus Snape, containing a map to a secret location. Jacob's sibling and Rowan Khanna follow the map, only to end up trapped in a room with the Devil's Snare. A cutscene is shown where Merula is drawing Snape's face on a parchment. They need to use Lumos to fend off the plant until Jacob shows up.

Afterwards, in Flying Class, the player meets a scared Gryffindor called Ben Copper, and the two, along with Rowan, start their first Flying Class, taught by Madam Hooch. After class, a cutscene of Merula pointing her wand at the player and their friends is shown.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna, Ben Copper (Flying Class)
  • Main locations: Charms Classroom, Potions Classroom, Corridor, Training Grounds
  • Boss: Devil's Snare
  • Objectives: Unlock Lumos, brew the Cure for Boils, find the secret room, defeat the Devil's Snare, assemble a broomstick

Revenge is Best Served Magical Edit

The player's prefect shows the player the Artefact Room, where they search for the secret duelling book together. After the book is found, Jacob's sibling gets a vision of ice and knights.

The player meets up with Filius Flitwick and Ben Copper in the Clocktower Courtyard at night. Flitwick challenges the two to defeat him in a duel using the Tickling Charm that Jacob's sibling just unlocked.

Finally, the player goes to the Common Room, where they meet a sad Rowan Khanna. It turns out that the entrance of the dormitories has been blocked by barriers that require the Tickling Charm to get past them, an ability that Rowan does not have.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Angelica Cole/Jane Court/Chester Davies/Felix Rosier (Artefact Room), Ben Copper (Clocktower Courtyard), Rowan Khanna (Common Room)
  • Main locations: Artefact Room, Clocktower Courtyard, Common Room
  • Boss: Filius Flitwick
  • Objectives: Find the secret duelling book, defeat Flitwick using Rictusempra, destroy the Ticking Charm obstacles blocking the way to the dormitory

The Duel Edit

The player meets up with Rowan Khanna and the prefect to prepare for the duel. The prefect makes the two train by making them fight each other. They join Jacob's sibling's side, but not before giving Rowan the ability to throw vials.

After the practice duel, Jacob's sibling goes to the Clocktower Courtyard, where they spot Merula bullying Ben Copper. Jacob's sibling and Rowan get in the way and a boss battle against Merula starts. After the player wins, Flitwick and Snape show up and look angry.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Angelica Cole/Jane Court/Chester Davies/Felix Rosier (vs. Rowan), Rowan Khanna (vs. Merula)
  • Main locations: Training Grounds, Clocktower Courtyard
  • Bosses: Rowan Khanna, Merula Snyde
  • Objectives: Defeat Rowan, defeat Merula

A Curious Corridor Edit

The player is walking in the West Towers, where they briefly meet a cheering Penny Haywood, before meeting up with Merula Snyde and an angry Snape. Snape takes away points from the player's house. Filch then shows up and leads Snape to a corridor.

Jacob's sibling and Merula follow Snape and Filch to the corridor, where cursed ice is blocking the way. Only Merula's Flipendo skill gets rid of the ice. When they finally spot Filch and Snape, they notice them mentioning Jacob.

Afterwards, Jacob's sibling explores the corridor with Rowan, and this time they have to build various LEGO objects to get past the ice. They only manage to find a locked door.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Merula Snyde (first investigation), Rowan Khanna (second investigation)
  • Main locations: West Towers, West Corridor
  • Objectives: Find Filch and Snape, investigate the corridor with Rowan

Class Matters Edit

The chapter starts with a cutscene of the house prefect showing a nearly empty hourglass of the player's house, followed by short clips of house points spread across classes.

The player has to attend Charms, Flying and Potions classes and do the objectives of the classes. This time, classes can be completed in any order, although the ultimate objecive of the chapter is to collect all the house points in all three locations. Jacob's sibling unlocks the Flipendo skill in Charms. In Potions Class, Merula Snyde tries to stop the player from collecting house points.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna, Penny Haywood (Flying Class), Ben Copper (Charms Class)
  • Main locations: Charms Classroom, Potions Classroom, Training Grounds
  • Objectives: Unlock Flipendo, fly broomsticks, brew a Herbicide Potion, collect 30 house points (10 in each class)

Preparing for the Room Edit

A cutscene of the prefect showing a nearly full hourglass while jumping happily is now shown. Rowan comes to a player and a clip of the locked door from earlier is shown.

The player has to team up with Penny Haywood to brew the Sleeping Draught in the Potions Classroom, unlocking using the Sleeping Draught on enemies as one of Penny's abilities. Afterwards, the player teams up with Ben to train opening doors, unlocking Alohomora as one of Ben's abilities.

At the end of the level, a cutscene of the player, Rowan, Penny and Ben meeting up in the Great Hall is shown.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Penny Haywood (Calming Draught), Ben Copper (Unlocking Charm)
  • Main locations: Potions Classroom, Door Room

In the Room Edit

The player, Rowan, Ben and Penny walk in the West Corridor, but before they can enter the room, Filch shows up and throws obstacles in the way.

After Filch is defeated, the four spot Mrs. Norris. Penny tries to use the Sleeping Draught, but notices she needs to mix it in a bowl of milk to make the cat fall asleep for longer than a few seconds. The four build a bowl of milk, after which Penny puts Sleeping Draught in it, Mrs. Norris drinks from it and falls asleep. After the cat falls asleep, Ben unlocks the door.

Suddenly, Merula shows up, laughs and runs into the unlocked room. The four follow her, but soon the five of them are trapped in the room. Penny drinks the Strengthening Solution, giving her super strength for the task. The five need to break all ice to escape the room.

After all ice is broken, they notice a LEGO brick with secret messages on it. Rowan takes it and then the five leave the room.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna, Ben Copper, Penny Haywood, Merula Snyde (inside the room)
  • Main locations: West Corridor, Room of Ice
  • Bosses: Argus Filch, Mrs. Norris (indirectly)
  • Objectives: Defeat Filch, build a bowl to make Mrs. Norris fall asleep, break the ice to escape

Year's End Edit

The prefect shows the player a letter from Dumbledore, worrying the player. They send the player to the Clocktower Courtyard, where Dumbledore is. Before the player leaves, Rowan shows up and shows the LEGO brick with secret messages, now showing a picture of ice knights and stairs instead. Rowan then accompanies the player on their way to Dumbledore.

When the player finds Dumbledore, Rowan leaves. Dumbledore pulls out the player's house's hourglass and tries to fit a bunch of house points in it, but the hourglass is too small. Dumbledore and the player have to find material from the Clocktower Courtyard to build a bigger hourglass. Dumbledore then puts all of the house points in the bigger hourglass.

At the end of the level, a cutscene of the player's house winning the House Cup is shown.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna (find Dumbledore), Albus Dumbledore (build a bigger hourglass)
  • Main locations: Lower Floor - West, Clocktower Courtyard
  • Objectives: Find Dumbledore, build a bigger hourglass

Year 2 Edit

Year Two Begins Edit

A cutscene taking place during the Start-of-Term Feast is shown. Merula appears and mocks Jacob's sibling and Rowan before leaving. Afterwards, Dumbledore mumbles his speech. The player and Rowan meet up with Penny, who shows a (moving) missing poster of Ben. The three explore the Great Hall to find hints of Ben but find nothing useful. Merula shows up again and pulls out another missing poster of Ben, but with a skull and mysterious symbols drawn on it.

The player then goes to the Transfiguration Classroom to inform Professor McGonagall that Ben is missing. Suddenly, Cursed Ice appears in the classroom and the two have to break their way out. A flashback is then shown of the exact same happening before, but with McGongall and Dumbledore instead. The player looks confused but McGongall refuses to tell more. She shows a missing poster of Ben and the player quickly leaves.

The player and Rowan then go to look for Ben in the Artefact Room, where they fail to find Ben but manage to find a letter from R. The letter starts flying and either roars like a lion (Slytherin and Ravenclaw players) or hisses like a snake (Gryffindor and Hufflepuff players), scaring the player and Rowan.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna (Great Hall and Artefact Room), Penny Haywood (Great Hall), Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration)
  • Main locations: Great Hall, Transfiguration Classroom, Artefact Room
  • Objectives: Look for clues in the Great Hall, destroy the cursed ice in the Transfiguration Classroom, look for Ben

Growing and Shrinking Edit

The player and Rowan appear to be mumbling in their common room (Gryffindor and Slytherin players) or the Great Hall (Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw players) when a group of Quidditch fans (Slytherin for the Slytherin and Ravenclaw players and Gryffindor for the others) start cheering and waving their house's flag. While cheering, they accidentally drop a small pranking device. The player graps it and shows it to Rowan. They go to their common room if they aren't there already and gather LEGO pieces to make the prank device look worse.

The player then goes to the corridor of the opposing house's common room (Dungeons for Gryffindor and Hufflepuff players, West Towers for Slytherin and Ravenclaw players), where they meet the Prefect of the house they're trying to trick. Suddenly, the prank device gets out of control, and the two have to fight it. After successfully destroying it, the Prefect notices their Quidditch opponent's crest on the device. A Quidditch player of their opposing team shows up and the prefect starts chasing them angrily.

The player and Rowan then go to Charms class, where Flitwick demonstrates the Shrinking (Reducio) and Growing (Engorgio) Charms. The player and Rowan have to clear an obstacle course by changing objects' sizes.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna (Common Room and Charms), Angelica Cole (West Towers, Slytherin and Ravenclaw players), Felix Rosier (Dungeons, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff players)
  • Main locations: Common Room, Dungeons (Gryffindor and Hufflepuff), West Towers (Slytherin and Ravenclaw), Charms Classroom
  • Bosses: Prank device
  • Objectives: Build a larger prank device, destroy the prank device, learn Reducio and Engorgio

The Black Quill Edit

The player and Rowan are standing near the Common Room they are trying to get to when they notice two Quidditch fans of the house being overly enthusiastic about Quidditch. Rowan and the player must access and explore the Common Room by alternating their sizes between normal and small. After some exploring, they manage to find a black quill.

The player and Rowan leave the Common Room, only to encounter the Head of House and prefect of Gryffindor/Slytherin, both angry. The player and Rowan must defeat the two in a boss battle, after which the player shows them Ben's missing poster and the black quill. The prefect takes out the player's hourglass, waiting for the Head of House to take house points, but they refuse, angering the Prefect.

Later, the player, Rowan and Penny try to get to the West Corridor, but notice it is blocked by obstacles. After clearing the obsacles, they notice McGonagall and Snape rescuing Ben from the Cursed Ice.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling (Common Room, boss battle, get to corridor), Rowan Khanna (Common Room, boss battle, get to corridor), Penny Haywood (get to corridor), Minerva McGonagall (corridor), Severus Snape (corridor)
  • Main locations: Gryffindor Common Room (Slytherin and Ravenclaw players), Slytherin Common Room (Gryffindor and Hufflepuff players), West Towers, Dungeons (Gryffindor and Hufflepuff players), West Corridor
  • Bosses: Minerva McGonagall and Angelica Cole (Slytherin and Ravenclaw players), Severus Snape and Felix Rosier (Gryffindor and Hufflepuff players)

Bonus Levels Edit

Bonus levels are not part of the main story, and can be played in a separate section from the main story. Bonus levels are unlocked after completing a specific level in the main story. Bonus levels are based on side quests in the original Hogwarts Mystery.

Afraid to Fly Edit

The level is unlocked after completing the Year 1 level "Class Matters".

Rowan shows the player moving pictures of Ben getting scared of things, after which the two look for him in the Great Hall.

Ben and the player go to Charms Class, where the player temporarily learns the Levitation Charm. Flitwick and the player test the spell on Ben.

Later, Ben and the player go to Flying Class, where the two get on their brooms and solve an obstacle course. At the end, Madam Hooch gives house points to both students' houses (if the player chose Gryffindor as their house, Hooch only gives points to Gryffindor).

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna (find Ben), Filius Flitwick (Charms Class), Ben Copper (Flying Class)
  • Main locations: Great Hall, Charms Classroom, Training Grounds
  • Objectives: Find Ben, test the Levitation Charm on Ben, fly with Ben

Test of Strength Edit

The level is unlocked after completing Year 1 level "Preparing for the Room".

The player's house's Prefect, the player and Ben meet up on the training grounds, where the former two challenge the latter to a duel. The former two win the duel. The prefect then leaves and gives the player mysterious LEGO instructions.

The player goes to their common room and gives the instructions to Rowan, who seems to understand exactly what they're saying. The player and Rowan construct three small structures with faces. One of the three has the player's face, another has Rowan's and the third one has the face of Ben/Penny/Andre/Merula.

The three suddenly find themselves on the Training Grounds with the three newly built structures. The prefect challenges the three to a duel to test their strength.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Angelica Cole/Jane Court/Chester Davies/Felix Rosier (vs. Ben), Rowan Khanna (build structures and vs. prefect), Ben Copper (vs. prefect for Gryffindors), Penny Haywood (vs. prefect for Hufflepuffs), Andre Egwu (vs. prefect for Ravenclaws), Merula Snyde (vs. prefect for Slytherins)
  • Main locations: Training Grounds, Common Room
  • Bosses: Ben Copper, Angelica Cole/Jane Court/Chester Davies/Felix Rosier
  • Objectives: Defeat Ben, build the structures, defeat Angelica/Jane/Chester/Felix

House Meeting I Edit

This level is unlocked after completing Year 1 level "In the Room". The name of the level varies depending on the player's house, and it is "You're a [house]".

The player and Rowan are hanging out in the Great Hall but Rowan looks worried. The two look for a letter sent by their prefect until they find it.

After reading the letter, the two rush to their common room. In the common room, they notice a giant barrier blocking the entrance to the stairs. If the player is a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, they have to use charms to get rid of the barrier. If the player is a Slytherin, they have to collect house points scattered all over the common room. If the player is a Gryffindor, they have to use Quidditch skills by flying around with broomsticks and catching a flying switch.

After the barrier is gone, the prefect looks relieved. If the player is in Slytherin, Felix proudly shows an almost full hourglass. If the player is in Gryffindor, Angelica switches into Quidditch robes and proudly showcases her Quidditch Captain badge. If the player is in Hufflepuff, Jane simply gives Jacob's sibling and Rowan one sandwich each and if the player is in Ravenclaw, Chester gives the two one book each.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna, Angelica/Jane/Chester/Felix (destroy the barrier)
  • Main locations: Great Hall, Common Room
  • Objectives: Find the letter from the prefect, destroy the barrier

House Meeting II Edit

This level is unlocked after completing the Year 2 level "The Black Quill". It has a different name depending on the player's house:

  • Gryffindor Goals
  • Hufflepuff Helps
  • Ravenclaw Rules
  • Slytherin Schemes

Gryffindors celebrate their victory against Slytherin in the Great Hall. Slytherins, including their prefect Felix Rosier, are shown very angry. If the player is not in Slytherin, the Slytherins cast curses on the Gryffindor players, causing several characters of the player's house, including the Prefect, to get shocked and run away from the Great Hall. If the player is in Slytherin, several Slytherins simply angrily leave the Great Hall without casting curses.

The player's house's prefect is raging in their common room, with the player, Rowan and others from the house looking in shock. The prefect shows the others LEGO instructions on how to build a perfect prank device to trap Slytherins (Gryffindors if the player is in Slytherin). The player, Rowan and the prefect proceed to build the prank device.

They then go to the Clocktower Courtyard, where they set up the prank. After setting it up, the characters of the targeted house get trapped and the characters of the player's house laugh.

  • Playable characters: Jacob's sibling, Rowan Khanna, Angelica Cole/Jane Court/Chester Davies/Felix Rosier
  • Main locations: Common Room, Clocktower Courtyard
  • Objectives: Build a prank device, prank Slytherin/Gryffindor

Characters Edit

Jacob's sibling Edit

Jacob's sibling, aka the main character, is a custom character created by the player. Their appearance can be changed at any point but their gender and house are final. They are playable in most levels.

Main abilities:

  • Lumos (unlocked in Year 1 level "Dealing with Trouble"): Lights the wand. Effective against Devil's Snare.
  • Rictusempra (unlocked in Year 1 level "Revenge is Best Served Magical"): Tickles opponents. Usable against most bosses.
  • Flipendo (unlocked in Year 1 level "Class Matters"): Knocks back opponents. Effective against Cursed Ice.
  • Engorgio/Reducuo (unlocked in Year 2 level "Growing and Shrinking"): Changes the size of certain obstacles. Can be used to change own size in certain levels.

Temporary abilities:

  • Wingardium Leviosa (Afraid to Fly, TBA Year 4): Levitates objects. Can also levitate characters when required (in reality, levitates their clothes).

Rowan Khanna Edit

Rowan is the first playable character the player meets. Their house and gender are the same as the player's.


  • Lumos (unlocked in Year 1 level "Dealing with Trouble"): Lights the wand. Effective against Devil's Snare.
  • Throw Vial (unlocked in Year 1 level "The Duel"): Throws a vial. Usable in bosses and effective against breakable obstacles.
  • Engorgio/Reducuo (unlocked in Year 2 level "Growing and Shrinking"): Changes the size of certain obstacles. Can be used to change own size in certain levels.

Trivia Edit

  • The game contains several contradictions to the original game's plot (or the Harry Potter series in general).
    • Despite the fact that both LEGO games and the original Hogwarts Mystery are both considered tier-3 canon (canon unless contradicted by anything in tier-1 or tier-2 canon), due to the nature of LEGO games, everything in the original Hogwarts Mystery is considered higher canon than anything in its LEGO version.
    • In cases where in the normal game, the player can only choose one out of a select few characters to come with them, all characters come.
  • In some cutscenes, whenever Jacob (the player character's brother) is mentioned, characters show a parchment containing a family tree with 2 completely black figures as the parents, a symbol as one child and the player as the other. The symbol shown as the brother varies depending on what is said about the brother.
  • Whenever a letter from a specific person is shown, their face appears on the letter. In the case of R, the letter R is shown instad of a face.
  • Whenever a character is shown giving or taking house points, they pull out an hourglass with small LEGO bits of the house's color. They either put more pieces into it or throw pieces away depending on the action.
  • Even though in normal Hogwarts Mystery, Andre Egwu isn't introduced until Year 2, in this game, Ravenclaw players get to meet him in Year 1.