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  • HadesKun

    Anyways, I don't really know if you count this as a figure or not, but I've been getting into the LDD once again and decided to show something cool you can really do, here is an example, with the background:

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  • HadesKun

    Anyways, so as the Owner, I'm concerned about our Users List. To be honest, we started with a fine amount of Users around the beginning but's decreased. Basically the most active Users lately would be Me and Captainfishlip, while the others seem to have just...left.

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  • HadesKun

    LEGO Digital Designer

    April 24, 2015 by HadesKun

    What's up fellow LEGO fans? Anyways, today I'd like to show you a program called LEGO Digital Desiner.

    Lego Digital Desiner, or LDD (short), is a program that allows you to create all sorts of LEGO builds! As an example, this is a simple way of how it is done.

    Of course, you'd need a download link, so here it is!


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